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Linaro Connect 2023 show Exynos "All-In" board available!!
Writer : WRITING CENTERDate : 2023.04.28Read by : 869

"All-In", Exynos850 enabled 96board has been announced in "Linaro Connect 2023".

"Linaro Connect 2023"

Once a year, Engineers, Technical Leadership and world-leading Arm Software Experts come together for engineering sessions and hacking at Linaro Connect. Here discussions on the future of Arm open source software are held and solutions implemented.



AOSP/Kernel upstreaming is on-going! (k4.14--> k6.x) 


What is "Linaro Connect"? Click for details...

(Since 2010, Linaro Connect has been the event to attend if you are interested in open-source software development for Linux, tools and the various vertical segment ecosystems that use Arm processors.)


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