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Linaro Connect 2023 show Exynos "All-In" board available!!
Writer : WRITING CENTERDate : 2023.04.28Read by : 45

"All-In", Exynos850 enabled 96board has been announced in "Linaro Connect 2023".

"Linaro Connect 2023"

Once a year, Engineers, Technical Leadership and world-leading Arm Software Experts come together for engineering sessions and hacking at Linaro Connect. Here discussions on the future of Arm open source software are held and solutions implemented.



What is "Linaro Connect"? Click for details...

(Since 2010, Linaro Connect has been the event to attend if you are interested in open-source software development for Linux, tools and the various vertical segment ecosystems that use Arm processors.)


Next "All-In" board has an Eye-Opened!!!
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