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96Boards™ ? Licensing?
Writer : WRITING CENTERDate : 2022.12.23Read by : 287
What is 96boards™?

During Jun 2010 Computex, ARM has named Linaro its open source project, hoping to accelerate ARM software development with software such as linux operating system (Linux86framework), GCC compiler system, battery management and multimedia interface. These software are now widely used by different ARM chipset such as TI and Freescale as long as it uses architecture above ARMv7a, v8.


Now that software is available for different ARM chipset, 96boards was introduced in 2015 to serve specifically to low cost system board using 32-bits and 64-bits architecture using software developed for Linaro.


96boards™ Licensing

96boardsadopts CC By 4.0 license meaning it is designed to be open source but it tends to favor the business side by giving the circuit board manufacturer the option to keep its circuit board layout disclosed despite encouragement from the official to keep things open sourced.

Similarly, 96boards™ does not restrict people to use open source code, to some extend allowing binary code and the options to not offer open source code as long as certain things are kept open such as bootloader. As you can see Linaro and 96boards aim to standardize ARM related software and hardware, hoping one day to be become mainstream and adopted by all ARM chipset.


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